Terlizzi and Associates       440.946.1222        rltpop@usa.net

Terlizzi and Associates 440.946.1222 rltpop@usa.net


25 years of experience in the display and fixture industries.

A network exceeding 28,500 skilled P.O.P. & P.O.S. People.

Complete working knowledge of the client processes:
from the initial client briefing, through design and engineering, prototype, presentation, procurement, assembly, fulfillment to delivery and installation for Permanent and Temporary P.O.P.
so that you know your candidates are able to do the job.

Constant networking throughout the USA and Canada.

Responsibility for the placement of personnel who have won numerous Awards whether:

POPAI OMA, Design of the Times and Display of the Year.

These attributes bring the following benefits:                              

          * Personnel with a short learning curve and faster ability to generate profit 

          *  Minimal training on software or procedures

"It takes good people to be profitable."